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Provide us your design idea and we will craft a brand-worthy, cool beer tap handle for you!

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In-Stock for $7.99 each + shipping handling, ship within 72 business hours

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Our mission is to continue pushing the boundaries of how to make each handle design come to life, give it "the edge" so that it stands out, gets noticed and tells your brand story. 

Incredible Hand Carving Details * Hand Painting / Decoration

Bobblehead and Spinner Top - fantastic for capturing one's attention

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Classic Light Wood Grain Pub 12" Tap Handle with Gutter Label Holder #113694

In stock and available for shipping $7.99 each + shipping/handling.

It's the easiest generic handle we have for including your brand and beverage name, simply create a card in the size of 2" x 2 1/4" and insert. 

Classic Blue Pub 12" Tap Handle with Silver Metallic Oval Label Holder #110882B

In Stock and available for shipping $7.99 each + shipping/handling.

Our Classic Black Pub with Metallic Rectangle Holder has been a favorite since we started making handles. We been asked many times - can we get this with an oval shape holder? And, can we get it in another color? Here it is - create your own 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" custom label. 

Classic Red, White and Blue Pub 12" Tap Handle #113162

In Stock and available for shipping $7.99 each + shipping/handling.

The quickest way for adding your brand and beverage name is the plastic keg cap, it easily snaps into place for a secure fit OR you may produce your own custom 2 1/4" label add to center of circle. 


“They are an excellent source for custom, one-of-a-kind tap handles. They are a customer first company and we will be ordering again… and again.”

"We love the tap handles. They came out great and everyone is raving about them."

"Your team's design capabilties are outstanding." 

"Just wanted to update you that we received the tap handles today and we are IN LOVE! So impressed with how they came out."