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Would you like to promote your brand beyond tap handles?

We offer one-of-a-kind hand carved, hand painted accessories including our world famous bobbleheads, bottle openers, stoppers, photo frames and more.

Bottle Openers 

Minimum Order 252pcs.
Bottle opener

3” Bottle with Metal Bottle Opener (Item #OPENBOT)
Laser cut recess your name/brand onto both sides of bottle.

Stein bottle opener
3” Stein with Metal Bottle Opener and Magnet on back (Item #OPENSTN)
Add your brand with a water decal on top foam area and/or body of stein.


Bottle Stoppers 

Minimum Order 504pcs

 Bottle Stoppers


3”- 2D and 3D Bottle Stoppers (Item #STOPCUS) 
Add your brand name to the front and back of keystone with company name on both sides.
3-5” 3D Bronze Bottle Stoppers (Item #STOPBRO) (second from left)
bobble head bottle stopper
3-5” 3D Bobble Bottle Stoppers (Item #STOPBOB)




Minimum Order 216pcs

beyond handles bobblehead

7” Bobblehead (Item #BOBSEV)


Picture Frames

Minimum Order 504pcspicture frame


2D Picture Frames (Item #FRAME)