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Provide us your design idea (hand drawings work) and highlight what's most important to incorporate. Include artwork/logos, 
colors, size (height) if handle will be universal or brand specific. 


Allow up to 12 weeks for delivery once Craft Handles receives final approval via digital images or physical prototype.

Minimum Order

6" to 6.5" handle $13.99 each
9" to 10" handle $15.99 each
11" to 12" handle $16.99 each

Mold Fee: $400.00 (one-time
for exact repeat)
Contact us for pricing over 252 piece

How do I get started?

It’s a simple 5-step process:

1. Design Concept

Provide your design idea (hand drawings work) to Craft Handles highlighting what’s most important to incorporate. Please include artwork/logos, colors, size and any other details we may need to generate a digital concept for approval.

2. Digital Concept Approval

3. Mud Mold Approval

4. Physical Mock Approval

5. Production Time

Contact us to start the custom handle process