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For new designs allow up to 120 days (ocean/ground) and 90 days (air door-to-door) from Concept to Delivery.  

How do I get started? see below for our Simple 5-Step Process. 

Minimum Order - 108pcs

4" Mini handle $10.99 each  (minimum order 144pcs)

6" to 6.5"  handle $14.99 each
9" to 10"   handle $16.99 each
11" to 12" handle $17.99 each

Includes white box with full Styrofoam and ocean/ground freight (excluding Alaska, Hawaii and International).

Prices are subject to change if US Customs Tariffs go into effect before final delivery. 

Mold Fee: $400.00 (one-time
for exact repeat)
Contact us for pricing over 252 pieces

How do I get started?

It’s a simple 5-step process:

1. Design Concept

Provide your design idea (hand drawings work) to Craft Handles highlighting what’s most important to incorporate. Please include artwork/logos, colors, size and any other details we may need to generate a digital concept for approval.

2. Digital Concept Approval

3. Mud Mold Approval

4. Paint/Decoration Approval

5. Production Time

Contact us to start the custom handle process