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We partner with clients to design and deliver craft beer tap handles that stand out, get noticed, and help tell the brand story.

Craft Handles has been a specialty division of Alexander Global Promotions since 2010. It was as our first show in San Francisco that our $9.99 banner caused quite a stir. “What can I get for $9.99?” is still being asked today. 

In the beginning, we were known for replicating existing handles, providing subtle design revisions by adding a tweak here and there. 

But then we found ourselves taking our experience from making one-of-a-kind world renown bobbleheads and applying that expertise to our tap handle line. Hand carving, hand painting, adding unique design to each handle so that it stands out, gets noticed and tells the brand story. 

Each Handle = $$ Beverage Sales

We continue to push the boundaries of how to make each design come to life, to give it “the edge” without costing the price of a Hyundai ~ as most have heard us say over the years. The story of every brand is just as important to us to tell as it is to you, it’s why we have a hands on approach with each project ~ concept to delivery. 

It’s why "Your craft brew deserves a craft handle”. 


We take a collaborative approach and work with our clients to determine brand icons, characters and molds with the client input and approval every step of the way. The result is a great looking custom beer handles.


Our 100% custom designed poly-stone products are hand carved and hand painted stroke by stroke with lead free paint. Safety checks are conducted to ensure safety and quality for not only the product, but for everyone involved throughout our supply chain. With the FLA (Fair Labor Association), we are among many other world leading brands that have committed to ensuring fair labor practices and compensation along with safe and humane working conditions. 

In addition, we are a member of Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) which is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. The partnership establishes clear supply chain security criteria for members to meet and in return provides incentives and benefits like expedited processing and clearance.

We are proud to be locally, family owned in the Pacific Northwest, just outside of Seattle.